2 weeks to go…

well, i’ve made it another week (just about)!! tomorrow i’ll be 38 weeks! just 2 weeks to go!! yesterday i went to the baby show at the nec with my friend fiona who is due in august! we had good fun and i only bought 2 things! so i did good!! i bought a new stroller…although i already have 2, i have perfectly good reasons for buying it! our first stroller we bought early on during my pregnancy with micah. before we had shopped around and before we had researched what we wanted and what would suit our needs! its a 3 wheeler but not a swivel wheel which isn’t very helpful! its also quite bulky and not easy to fold up while holding a baby. our second stroller, an umberella stroller, the brakes have gone all funny. if you stop or try to go backwards, they just come on….so i am constantly kicking at them to go again…being summer, its not very great with sandals on! and its not newborn friendly. SO, those are my reasons and now we will have a brand new graco mosaic, user friendly, newborn friendly and wonderful brake system!!! i am very excited and can’t wait for it to be delivered on friday!! yippee!!!

after the babyshow (of which i went to without a husband or child and was absolute bliss) i met andy and we went to the birthing center for a tour… its a midwife run unit that sits along side to the delievery suites and is much nicer! its for us woman who want as natural birth as possible. there aren’t any doctors around although you just go to the next corridor if the need arrives…its a bit more homey and less lighting, more comfortable. i really liked it! since micahs birth was straight forward and i had no pain killers or anything i am a perfect canidate…and i would like to give the birthing pool a try!! so i am definitely going for it after seeing it and being able to talk to the midwife about it! so now…this baby just needs to come!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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