heavy load

this has been my exercise as of late!! its easy to push but still hard work!! the last few days its been quite warm so i’ve been all sweaty by the time i get home! its crazy!! this is one of 4, yes four push chairs/pram/stroller! although amanda over at the redheaded mommy has me bet with 6!! this one in the picture is actually borrowed from a friend! i got a new one when noah was born with the hopes of getting a buggy board for micah to stand on, but they seem so expensive! so we’ll see! at the moment i’m happy enough with this one, or noah in the carrier/sling and micah in the new one (then when micah wants to walk, i put noah in the stroller and fold away the carrier!)….only cause micah runs away or straggles behind and he still takes a nap!

just as an update to my mom and others interested, noah has just about outgrown his 0-3 month clothes and the 3-6months ones are fitting pretty good. in that photo thats a 0-3months outfit and he has really filled it in! but its one of my favourites!! micah is probably now fitting 18-24months the best. size 2year trousers are still way too long and too big at the waist! t-shirts he can get away with 2s if short sleeves! he has some pretty cute stuff he does, but he is still a monster when it comes to other things!! for cute-ness, when noah is sleeping, he’ll put his finger (instead of to his lips) up to the top of his nose -eyebrow level- and says ‘shh noah, shh noah’!! then for the monster abilities he just doesn’t listen! its so annoying and i really have no clue as to how to get him to listen! i can be so short-tempered with him as well! its frustrating!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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