interesting few days..

monday we had andy’s cousin carys come over for the afternoon. we haven’t seen her in ages, so it was great to see her. her family is in wales, but she is studying here in birmingham so doesn’t live to far away!!
andy’s mum and dad fly out monday evening, so come tuesday i was back on my own again! well, that morning as i was in the normal morning mode, having a cup of tea and thinking about what needs to be done… the double buggy was folded up but just laying on the kitchen floor (of all places) and as i leaped over it to go back to the lounge, my pant (trouser) leg got caught and instead of catching myself as i have done many times, i took a nice fall!! now i haven’t fallen in ages, atleast not where i’ve skinned my knee!! yep. first my hand (thumb) hit the radiator, then i landed on my knee and elbow i think! well thats where the bruises are anyway!! so i have a sore left thumb, a grazed and bruised, somewhat swollen right knee and i tiny graze and bruised right elbow!!
and i woke up this morning feeling all sore…i wonder why!!!
so yesterday late morning we were at the doctors office for noah to wiegh-in and to get his second injections. we are a month behind with them as they at the doctors office messed us all around with our first appointments and we just had to wait a month. so yesterday as i was waiting, waiting, waiting to see the nurse, i finally went up to the receptionist to ask the time and about noah’s appt. and she says that we are not on the list. exscuse me?? she looked and looked, but no, noah’s name wasn’t anywhere. i said look, i have the little slip of paper telling me oct 3 at 11:45 and i have been here since 10;30, first to baby clinic then waiting around here. finally she just went and talked to the nurses and they had some time–duh, so we could go back and get the shots done! what a bother!
now we get to do it at the end of the month on halloween again! and then again after that as they have started a new vaccine for the newborns and noah’s 1st one was just a few days before they started it…of course! so we have to have one extra to make up the difference! whatever it is!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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