right now i wish i was mary poppins and could just snap my fingers and have the clothes fly into the suitcases!!! i finally have my whole outfit for jeremy’s wedding! instead of wearing a hat, my mom and i are wearing those feather things in our hair! scary!!! will have to have my aunts play with my hair as i have no clue as to what to do with it!!! its attached to a comb, so i have to have atleast part of me hair up right?? oh dear! this shall be fun!
well i should go! i have sooo much to do! but i just want to sit here with micah and watch ‘ditz’ aka, jungle book!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

4 thoughts on “packing”

  1. Honest that thing that your putting in your hair looked lovely and your outfit is really nice too!
    I’m going to miss you lots, hope you have a safe journey there!
    Give my love to everyone!!!
    Keep in touch!!!

  2. thanks jem!! thanks to this blog you’ll be able to keep up with us as we travel!! i’ll update as much as i can!!!
    will miss you too! keep up with your maths =) ha ha

  3. Sorry you will miss them, Jem but I will be in heaven with them here in US. Will take good care of them, promise! The boys may come home a little more spoiled as I think thats in the job description of a ‘Mimi’. Love to all – Robin

  4. Janelle,

    You have such a sweet family! I love the photos of your little boys. I’m glad you are still taking pictures. I miss the old darkroom at Milligan. I wish I had space to set up my enlarger in my apartment. Maybe someday:) Looks as though you are going home soon for a visit? I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Thanks for all of theh notes on my blog!!!!


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