time is flying!

i can’t believe that it is thursday night already!! that is so crazy!! we have had a great week so far!! i’m sorry for the lack of photos but my parents computer wasn’t letting me load any on and it takes so long, that i don’t have the patience!
we had family here through tuesday night, so we had a day at the railroad in strasburg, PA which micah and pheonix loved! then tueday was rainy so we went to the mall where they had a play area and did a bit of shopping!
wednesday was my mom’s last free day so we went downtown to another train place, but just looked as it was expensive!! then had a wander around town and lunch at johnny rocket’s! it was delicious!!!
wednesday night we went over to my old college roomates house! heidi lives about 40 minutes away and then we went over to marissa’s who was my suitemate…it was so good to see them again! its been so long!!
today we went out to breakfast at bob evans then shopping in the afternoon! i got new shoes (tennis type shoes), a winter coat and some other clothes. and books!! we went to the christian bookstore and bought some books and cd’s!! everything is soooo much cheaper here its amazing!!!
well tomorrow morning, we are off to tennessee! i can’t wait to see my college and all the changes that have taken place! i’ll write when i come back! promise!!! have a good weekend everyone!!

pheonix and micah in pop pop’s truck

at webber’s farm


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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