what a day!

andy’s cousin dan drove up last night from london, to spend the night here before the 2 of them flew out this morning from the bham airport… poor guys were up at 5 (i think — i was alseep for atleast a wee bit longer!!). thankfully, all went well this morning and they arrived safely in dublin and simon (my BIL) picked them up and then back up to belfast.
andy said that the funeral went well with a good message! will have to ask again as i didn’t listen to andy’s explanation very well!

the boys have been mostly good for me today!! micah is feeling a little bit better, but still not eating lots like normal! and he woke up from his nap miserable! he would not stop crying, so i just said ok! we are going for a walk! so once out the door, he was fine! so annoying though as nothing is noticably wrong, and he couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me anything!

we got back close to 5, had dinner, than a small nap (*i* had a small nap!!) while watching ‘cars’ and then off for a ‘big splash’ (aka. a bath) and then bed time! that’s when things got out of hand!! i hate it! both boys at once and neither wanted to sleep for me!! micah was ok, stayed in bed with lights off but keep calling for me, especially whenever noah cried. i put noah down 2x when asleep and he woke up like 5-10 minutes later, and i put him down 2x when awake. the first time he layed there with out crying, the other crying. tried the ‘controlled crying’ thing, and on the 3rd time that i went in a picked him up, he fell asleep in my arms anyway! so i put him down i guess for the 3x asleep and he finally stayed asleep. then when i finally got to go back and check on micah he was sleeping!! hurray =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “what a day!”

  1. Remember Dear, patience is a virtue. This too will pass. Grin and bear it, chin up, you gotta love them. Soon enough they will be able to tell you whats bothering them. For now you have to guess. Love you, Mom

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