news update..

did you know that noah is now 7 months old? have you realized how fast those 7 months have gone?? i can’t believe it! on friday (his 7month day) we went to visit our good friends gary and hannah at the hospital. hannah had just become a first time mommy the day before to samuel andrew! holding samuel who weighed 6bls 11oz, and just seemed teeny! noah weighed in a few ounces heavier at his birth but micah was 5+ounces smaller and it was very hard to imagine that!! samuel was a cutie though!!

it was so hard to believe that noah was almost that small only 7 months earlier! now here he is in his 18lb splendor!! that’s right, he is over 18lbs, he is sitting up with only a few falls now and again AND is finally cutting his first tooth!! he is doing more than micah was at that age! well, maybe just in the tooth department oh, and the weight department!!! noah is still a happy jolly soul and we love having him a part of our family..except maybe at night times!! but we are working on that one too!!!
*** edited to read: i looked up micahs’ records to compare with noah and while noah weighed 18lbs at 28 weeks, micah weighed the same at 42 weeks!! yikes! what a difference!!!***

not too much else is going on. micah is talking more and more, repeating most everything we say which is cute as he doesn’t get it right most the time!

sunday we had the fun of getting not one but 2 flat tires on the way to church! so nobody got to go, although andy and micah got to sunday school!

here’s a photo of hannah and baby samuel!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “news update..”

  1. hey, janelle! I talked with andy the other day over im and he told me about your blog. your boys are both adorable and i look forward to keeping up with you family better. this is rebekah, by the way, but I am anonymous over at my blog . . .so, shhh. 🙂 take care!

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