half term

this week has been half term for schools here in the midlands. its been so nice to have andy at home with me and the boys! also starting this past saturday has been a series of meeting down in redditch taken by colin roberts. he’s been speaking on the book of Amos. so andy went down on saturday and monday nights and i went on tuesday night and will hopefully go tonight as well. andy and i take it in turns since the boys came along. i was out sunday night at our gospel meeting and andy was speaking last night at our ministy meeting (speaking on Lamentations) and he’ll speak again on that in 2 weeks time.

also on monday we had a little party for the sunday school children. we had originally planned to go up to the lickey hills by train, but since all the snow and then the rain, it was a bit too wet for that! so we held it at the hall and it was a good time. we had 14 children (including micah) and then 8 adults. we got fish and chips or sausages and chips for lunch and had a great time. andy chose games that would correspond in some way to Bible stories and so was able to chat a bit in between each game and ask questions! first was noah and the ark and we played port and stourboard. then the tower of babel and we had to build a tower out of paper and each person was given a word in a different language and that was all we were able to say!! one story was about abram and sarah and how sarah laughed when the angels said that sarah would concieve in her old age, so we were paired up and had to make the other laugh without laughing ourselves…and so on.

afterwards andy and i took the boys downtown and walked along the canal. but then it started raining! so we found shelter in the symphony hall! tuesday we went down to worcester to meet up with our friend lois who also happens to be andys’ brothers’ wife’s little sister(did you get that?)! we came home, ate dinner then lois and i went down to redditch.

wednesday us and lois went into birmingham again but this time to the art gallery. it was nice as neither andy or i had been in quite a few years! and lois had never been. micah was really well behaved and seemed to enjoy himself.

now today is thursday and andy and i have been planning… we have been thinking on and off the past few years about starting up a wedding photography business. since 2002 i have been the photographer for 10 weddings with my 11th one coming at the end of next month. so far things have just passed on to friends and others by word of mouth. we’ve done no advertising or anything. but we’ve enjoyed it. but we’ve come to the point where if we are to continue then we would like to step it up a notch. new equipment to be able to offer a better service to our customers, but that needs money of which we don’t have. so if we start up our business and make it official, then we have funding and can further it along….we hope!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

3 thoughts on “half term”

  1. thanks erin!! i think i need all the encouragement that i can get =) i have been relooking at some of the few wedding shots that i have on the computer and playing around with them in photoshop…may post them some time!!

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