i just found…

ugh! i just found 2 full unused toilet paper rolls IN the toilet downstairs! ugh! how gross!! i’m assuming micah, but there was no TP in that bathroom earlier, and we had been running upstairs to that bathroom, always forgetting to bring a roll down. then i finally got a roll and went in and voila! there are 2! oh well…

yesterday we went to visit some friends up near wolverhampton. andy went to uni with calum and i knew him then too. he is now married and they have a 5 month old who was born on micah’s 2nd birthday. we hadn’t seen them since september so it was nice to see them again! kian has gotten big and has these huge blue eyes! he’s lovely…and though i didn’t take any photos, i will hopefully be taking some family portraits for them soon!

as for family news…we took the boys to the baby clinic to weigh in. micah at almost 2 and 1/2 is 28lbs and 2feet 9inches, i think. he is talking away, sentences getting a bit longer, as in 3 words sometimes 4. still running, riding his bike, playing with his numerous cars that mimi keeps supplying and not so much playing with his trains. they are a hit and miss at the moment!
noah weighed in at 20lbs and i’m not sure at the moment what his height is. noah is gotten the crawling down, moving faster and into everything. he is pulling himself up to standing position in his cot and on the couch and wherever he can. loves to eat and is eating very well. chicken, courgettes and grapes is a favourite at the moment.

now which version do you like better? please help me decide!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

3 thoughts on “i just found…”

  1. That’s no fun! My daughter had fun with a jar of q-tips a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t fun picking those things out of the toilet!!

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