photo for esther and simon

so i’m going back through photos to edit them in photoshop. especially wedding ones, although the problem is that i don’t have very many on the computer since we have been using mostly film. we have a scanner, though at the moment, we’ve lost the cd that it came with so it is not being recognized! oops. am really wanting a new scanner that you can also scan negatives it as i have loads and loads from my travelling days! it would so awesome to see what is on them.

you see in college in my photography classes, we did it old school! ha ha… darkroom, chemicals, time and lots of patience! i totally miss it and would love love love to have a darkroom! we did try a few times and have the chemicals, trays, and a very old russian enlarger that was truly old, but cheap =) so using our bathroom and little closet under the stairs to try, i did a few prints, but nothing really worthy!

so anyway, i pulled up some photos from simon and esther’s wedding (my brother-in-law) and his beautiful wife! i unofficially took photos at their wedding to get some candid shots and stuff..which wasn’t very easy as andy was the best man and busy and i had micah, a then 13 month old in tow!!

so here is the original:

and here is what i have created…what do you think?

besides being in a grungy style frame, its a bit more punchier in colour. i love this ‘new’ thing i have learned and have used on most of the recent photos. i have a few more techniques to try though!! its so fun!

this is the orignal photo

in sepia

and as a special =) aren’t they cute?


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “photo for esther and simon”

  1. Wow, what an effect, the pics look great. I love it!!! You’ve got a real flare for Photos and make your pics look beautiful. xx

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