janelle’s saturday with no children

i guess since andy (DH) wrote about his adventures, then i’ll have to write about mine! i do have to say that is was wonderful to have the day to myself, without carrying a diaper bag or pushing a stroller! it was lovely!

so we started off at the bullring. shannon had been briefly last year when she came to visit and namo had been a few year ago as he use to live in birmingham. but apparently, namo is a HUGE shopper and was the one that was doing all the buying =) we went into selfridges which is one of the main attractions. here’s a photo of the outside of the building!

it really is an interesting building! but the shopping atleast clothes wise is just all ‘fashion’ oriented and not at all to my taste! but their food hall is another thing! that is my place =) lots of american food, cereals and cake mixes, aunt jemima’s, marshmallow fluff, goober jelly, oreo cookies and the likes!! there is also a krispy kreme’s and a yo sushi sushi bar! yummy =)

we walked over to the mailbox, another shopping place. this one is high class as well with very very expensive shops like harvey nichols where a skirt per se costs like £150! yikes! but its cool to walk through. at the back lies all the restaurants and bars and hotel and spa, which all sit on the canal! it really is nice! so we ate at the red pepper which was really nice then walked along the canals to the symphony hall.

we eventually thought about going home for a bit before going out for dinner. so we started walking towards the bus stop when for whatever reason, i suddenly remembered that i didn’t have my house keys! yikes! they are usually kept in the diaper bag…which was convienently with andy. yep. fun. so we thought we could maybe go see a movie then out to dinner then maybe andy would be on his way home. well there were no movies at that particular time and none that shannon and namo hadn’t seen. so our 2nd option was to go on towards home and to the hall (our church) where there are a spare set of our house keys (we done this before!) so one of the ladies from church lent us her hall key to get our house key then actually drove us home! so very nice. oh did i mention that it was raining as well? yeah. we were soaked!

so we did go out around 8 for a balti (indian/bangledeshi food) and it was so so so so good! and then we got home 15 minutes after andy and the boys! so all in all? it was a great, entertaining day!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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