need to pack, need to pack, need to clean…

ack! why is there always so much to do before leaving for holiday?! oh my goodness! am trying to finish up the laundry. with no dryer it is going painstakingly slow. but got a lot done yesterday as it was warm and sunny. today? cold and spitting with rain now and then!

took noah to the doctors, she said there is a lot of this going around and just to keep up with what we are doing. if he gets a bit worse, take away dairy products and go back after the weekend. but so far today, he’s had a bit of the Dword that i can’t spell, but (don’t read if you are squirmish) its getting a bit thicker *though it looks like mustard with the seeds in it!*

he also ate his whole lunch of mashed potatoe with cheese and baked beans! so hooray for that =) he hasn’t thrown up since lunch yesterday and has been still sleeping well =)

as for my shop *located over there on the left* someone (probably my mom) has made the first purchase!! so i am officially in business =) i made a private shop as well for my mom with photos of the boys just for her enjoyment!

well, we are off tomorrow to preston for a wedding saturday. sunday travelling up to dumfries in scotland to spend the night before catching the ferry over to larne then drive down to belfast! yippee

these photos are from a walk we took after dinner on monday night! it was such a nice week (up until today!)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “need to pack, need to pack, need to clean…”

  1. ohmygosh your boys are soo precious!! i cannot believe how much noah looks like a lane. you are right he looks like jer(not like i knew what jer looked like as a baby). And Micah wow he is sooo handsome tooo 🙂 you better watch out you guys! i miss you all soo much, lets catch up when you return from your travels much love

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