Easter Hols So Far

Using my brothers laptop. He and his wife, Esther live in Lisburn and I’ve spent day with them. Janelle has been shopping (horror!!!) with my sister Jo in centre of Belfast. She’s looking for scrapbooking material.
We arrived in Belfast Monday afternoon having taken the weekend to drive up through England and across Scotland to the ferry.
Travelled from home to Preston Friday evening without hardly any hold up which is quite remarkable!! Stayed in TravelLodge 2 nights. Friday night was quite trying as Noah woke in the middle of the night and wouldn’t settle for ages.
The wedding of our friends Keith and Adele went well. The weather was lovely as it has been ever since we left – I even had shorts on today. The service was good although I didn’t get to hear a lot of it as Micah wasn’t in a good mood and wouldn’t sit still. In the end I took him for a drive and he fell asleep. We were doing the official photographs, and took over 600. We are very pleased with the results, and can’t wait until they are developed.
Sunday morning we drove as far as Morecambe and went to a gospel hall there for the rbeaking of bread which was interesting with both boys. There were 5 older people there to remember our Lord, and I’m sure they thought a whirlwind has arrived although they were very pleased to see us and told us not to worry. After the meeting we drove through the Lake District slowly, stopping at various points. Then into Scotland, we arrived at an old peoples care home, where we stayed for the night. Strange, but very good.
The home is owned by some friends and they keep some rooms on the first floor for non-residents. The home is in an old castle like home, and we had the main lounge all to ourselves in the evening, and got to watch some old favourites on Sky – Top Gear and Everybody loves Raymond, and Janelle started to watch a Jane Austin movie Persuasion.
In the morning we had the most delightful breakfast of scrambled eggs and chatted with Doris!
We had some hours before we had to be at the ferry, so we took time to sightsee through the Scottish Lowlands. Absolutely beautiful!! Micah and I climbed up a small mountain which was fun.
Arriving in Belfast we’ve taking things easy. Tuesday just went to Forestside Shopping Centre in afternoon. Wednesday we went to the beach at Crawfordsburn. Thursday went to zoo, which brings us back to today.
Now it gets hectic, with other friends arriving from England throughout the next few days for short visits. Pictures of all this to follow in due course.


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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