i just wanted to write and say that i am pleased with myself. yesterday i decided that i would get up at 6 this morning and go for a walk for 1hour while andy holds down the fort. i mulled it over, told andy in the evening and he said good! so before bed i made sure the volume was turned up on the alarm as i never hear it, i set my clothes in the bathroom and was in bed for 10!

the children mostly cooperated and noah woke once but briefly and i had a good nights rest. 6:07 i finally heard the alarm and was straight up, dressed, teeth brushed, found andys watch and set of by 6:15!! it was a cool and crisp morning, beautiful to be out with the birds singing away. it was really great. though i was beat, 30 minutes into it, i still did the whole hour and enjoyed it!

i feel refreshed and energized. so if you see me or talk to me, ask me if i am still walking in the morning as i think i really need the time alone and of course, i really really need the exercise!!!!
(just a note for my mom, i’ve also vacuumed the whole lounge, pulling out the couches and picking up and everything! now i just have to do under the cushions!!!)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

5 thoughts on “pleased”

  1. I am soo proud of you my nellie!!!!!!! i have been writing emails to andy’s yahoo account are you not getting them?!?! are you mad at me. Did you see i have a blog on here too? i tried to add you so you can read it
    i love and miss you all

  2. Good job on the walking. I certainly need to get more exercise too. Sorry about my lack of commenting, I have tried several times, but it won’t let me post them…I think my account must have closed and I have to post not through my Blogger account.

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