a weekend in belfast

sorry if we have been mia! i left on thursday night with micah and noah to take a flight over to belfast! i was a little nervous to fly on my own with both boys, but it went really well! the boys were great…no tears, no tantrums, nothing! just boisterous!
friday i was able to continue my morning walking and it was really nice! it was a bit cooler in the morning, but by afternoon it was scorching! we ended up at my SILs so that our boys could play together. there is 11 months seperating micah and luke, and luke and noah! its works out well! (so this summer we get to celebrate a 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday!) *and a new baby too, from my other SIL*
friday night was a special meeting at the gospel hall where they go. it was their 50th anniversary! so any past and present members who could come were there where we heard the history of the hall. it was really neat to see how they have grown in the Lord.
saturday was a relaxing day for most of us. we had a nice bbq in the afternoon with all of andy’s brothers and sisters and mum and dad. micah and luke had such a great time playing together, it was really fun to watch! micah is so agile compared to luke, its funny to see them running together.
saturday night was another meeting in which again, both andy and i got to go to…together! we got to 3 meetings together with valerie (mum) watching the boys 2x and karen (sil) staying at home with the 3 boys on sat night. we listened to the two jims’ (hutchinson and flanigan) and it was really really good and encouraging.
sunday was a normal day, breaking of bread in the morning, a big dinner then the others were off for sunday school, while i stayed in with noah. micah went to sunday school with auntie jo and was a good boy and enjoyed it all! we were to the airport for 8 and our flight was delayed until 9:35, which was only when we boarded. once on the flight, we were surrounded by a rugby team from leamington. they were funny a wee bit course, but they enjoyed noah who is of course a charmer!
finally home just before midnight!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “a weekend in belfast”

  1. Nice to see the good ol’ classic “Green Turtle Sandbox” we all know and love has made its way across the pond! 😉

  2. awwwwwww nelly I am so glad you had such a good weeekend in Belfast!!! your boys are sooo incredibly cute, I cannot get over it. i love the fact that micah looks so much like a mullan and noah is incredibly a lane, soo cute.
    all my love to you and the boys

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