a not so good day…

besides being a totally yucky rainy day today, its also been a terrible day financially for us. we went out at lunch time to get some lunch and to grocery shop. 10 minutes from our house, it felt like we had run over something, something flat like…or maybe felt like we had skimmed over something….i don’t know. we just felt something so slight, you would have missed it. then andy realized that he had no acceleration but the brakes worked. we slowed down to turn onto the next road and andy realized that there was no power sterring either. we stopped along the side, he turned the engine off and it then wouldn’t start again.

ofcourse, we have no break-down cover. terrible terrible terrible. our friend steve came and picked us up and took us home so andy could make some phone calls and see what we could do. so £130 later, RAC met andy at the car, (where andy had to cycle to as steve had to go to work!) told him the cam belt had broken or whatever and that it would cost £1500 to fix. yea. right. we don’t have that just sitting around.

so we think we’ll just sell it for £500 that is being offered and go without a car for a few weeks/ months until we can save some somehow and buy a new used car. or really i should say, just a used car. yuck, yuck and yuck. i hate money, i hate being a grown-up and everything else!

going to bed now and try not to think about what it all means….


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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