some photos of philip and deborah

as we were in the city centre, i took the chance to take some photos of phil and deb. thought i would work on my portfolio =) we have maybe 2 engagement sessions coming up as my friend naomi just got engaged last night! (she went to france with timothy and his parents and their first night there, he proposed!) can’t wait to hear all the details =) we had already planned to have a session with them as my models. but now that they are engaged, it just makes it all the better! also have a e-session with katie and andy. katie is the other year5 teacher with my andy. they got engaged in stratford about a month ago! we will perhaps go back to stratford for that session!!

anyway, at the moment i am enjoying a nice sunny day! we haven’t had any rain in about 3, possibly 4 days now! amazing!
so the boys have been outback since around 11 in the water =) andy went to school today to pick up his bike…but he got on the wrong train! good thing he didn’t have to work today! so he called to ask directions for walking from a different station! still waiting for him to come home again =)
tomorrow is my turn to go out by myself. i need to return some stuff to NEXT and maybe have a look for a wedding outfit. andy’s cousin sharon is getting married on the 10th over in belfast, well, over in NI anyway! we will be in belfast for almost 2 weeks! looking forward to that as we may take a few days to go camping, just andy and i!! just 2 nights, but we’ve never left the boys over night and i am totally looking forward to the possibility!

Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

5 thoughts on “some photos of philip and deborah”

  1. I like that last photo.
    We are thinking about camping on Bank Holiday weekend. Though we haven’t booked it yet, so it might be too late now.

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