the last few days..

we’ve just been hanging around and not doing a whole lot. i’m not even sure i can recap everything for you!! but i’ll try!

Monday we just ran a few odd jobs….

Tuesday, andy went back to school to pick up his bike.

Wednesday i went into town to return some stuff and do a bit of shopping.

Thursday afternoon we went into birmingham and walked about along the canals and went to the ‘beach’!! micah loved it! (some of these beach photos to the right in the collage…some are with luke and some at the park)

Friday umm, i don’t think we did much.

Saturday we went to stratford-upon-avon to scout out some places to do engagement photos…of which we didn’t use any of them!! oh well. it was a good day though we were really tired!

Sunday i stayed home with the boys all day while andy was only home for breakfast and lunch. he went to the morning meeting came home and then left to malvern where he was speaking…he went by bike! its a good maybe 40 miles? he’s done it before, but not in a long while!! he only had to cycle back to worcestor which is 9 miles and then our friends drove him home! so nice!

and then yesterday saw us back in stratford for the engagement photo session! it went really well, even if we had to bring the boys with us! oh well =) will post some photos when i get the chance.

we are away from tomorrow afternoon until the 21st. 2 weeks in belfast for some fun stuff! i will definetly try and write while we are don’t worry mimi. i will post some photos!

this is from our trip to london a few weeks ago. tried to share 1 ice cream cone with me, noah and micah…that was very hard to do!!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “the last few days..”

  1. Be careful with Micah on the back of the bike. Remember that is how Brooke got a broken leg, She got her foot caught in the spokes!! But he looked so relaxed and must have been enjoying himself. Well you how how Mimi worries – I think that’s part of my job!! Love u

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