Bank Holiday Monday

We spent yesterday out with our friend Steve. Steve picked us up in the morning and we drove down to Oxford where his brother lives. Jonathon (Steve’s brother) lives on the edge of the city so that we could just walk on into Oxford. We got down there just before lunch time, so after a cuppa at Jonathon’s we went on first for a hunt for food for lunch. So after a trip to Marks & Spencer’s we made our way to ChristChurch and sat down near the river to eat our lunch! Which was quite amusing as there were people rowing or paddling or punting (?) their way down the river..and sometimes up the river! These people usually didn’t know how to punt and would get themselves stuck or get the person at the front stuck in the bushes along the side of the river!

We walked some more and then found another field where we played cricket (with a tennis ball and a ping pong paddle) and then micah and steve had a wrestling match! Micah has always liked Steve so he was climbing all over poor Steve who loved it all. Then it was off to find ice cream, but intstead stopped for tea/coffee at a cafe outside of a church. We sat outside in their herbal garden that smelled like ‘thyme’ and we were sitting on tumb stones and all! I love cemeteries but that was a first!!

Then a bit more walking through Oxford until we decided it was tea time (aka dinner time). We ate at *The Big Bang*!! It was yummy! All they serve is bangers and mash (aka sausages and mashed potatoes) and wow! We loved it! There were I think about 10 different flavours of sausages, some vegetarian and all. And maybe 5 or so different variations to the mashed potatoes. All were served with peas and cabbage and some onions. Oh and ofcourse gravy! Awesome! Must go back!! THEN we had our ice cream! There was a homemade ice cream shop around the corner and so we all had ice cream cones (minus noah who ate some of all of ours!). My flavour was after 8’s, (which are a mint somewhat like andy’s candies) and it was divine!

Then home again home again, jiggety jig!

p.s. just 2 random pictures…micah is doing really well with potty training. doing #1 in the potty is no porblem a few accidents, but not too much. no #2’s yet and today was the first time he went in his pants. *yuck*


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday”

  1. wow, nice haircut for noah,, where did he get that? And you know accidents do happen but it sounds like you are making progress. Keep up the good work.

  2. That first picture (of your friend? or is that your hubby?) is just beautiful!!! Just reminded me of Richard Avedon!!!!!

    You’re quite talented!!! (What camera are you using? My wonderful hubby just ordered me my fancy new Canon Rebel xTi digital SLR!! YAY!)

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