monday morning

here is another picture from yesterday! i forgot to post it! we had a good day yesterday except for noah wanting to play with micah’s new farm yard. wow. this is going to be fun! then again this morning we have had to break up a few possesive fights! the elmo video, learning to share didn’t help much this morning. guess we’ll have to watch it lots and lots!

today is andy’s first day back at school…a teacher training day. and then tomorrow the children start. so we are trying to plan our days here as micah is at that point of knowing, he likes to know what we are doing!

so this afternoon we are making some cupcakes that have thomas sugar soemthing or others for the top of them, and also maybe some chocolate chip cookies as i found 2 bags of chips in the cupboard! what fun =)

sometime this week we’ll maybe be going back to the botanical gardens as when we went on friday we bought an annual pass that lets in 2 adults =) children under 5 get in for free. the playground is nice and there are lots of places for the children to run around. as well as being nice for the adults. so i invited our friend hannah who has baby samuel (8 months) so as long as the weather is nice we hopefully will go. then i’ll ask another friend clare who we haven’t seen in ages if she and her little girl want to meet us there. her little charlie is a few weeks younger than micah and very cute! i think i’ll do a photo session with her while we are there!

i had a wedding on saturday with another photographer, lisa of candee photography and it went pretty well. the bride was late because of traffic so we started the 1:00 wedding at maybe 1:30 i think! yikes =) but everyone was laid back and it didn’t really seem to matter!

well i gotta go and make these cupcakes with micah! love to you all =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

3 thoughts on “monday morning”

  1. What a boy! That’s a great shot of Micah – and Happy Birthday to him too (i had the idea in my head that his birthday was on the 5th!!) Hope you’re all well – we’ll keep you posted.

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