i want to go to bed and read my book…but, my husband, who i truly love dearly, is taking a lovely warm bath and reading MY book! how rude =)

yesterday was andy’s last day of school this year! yippee =) he doesn’t have to return until the 7th of january. sweet. today we went shopping downtown. first we walked through the german markets and the boys had a bratwurst or whatever. that was funny. see last time i went, the man handed me the sausage, i broke it in half to give micah half and the other to noah. when he saw what i was doing, he asked me if i wanted a second roll. today however, it was a totally different guy and as i asked if i could possibly have a second roll, he spoke back in german. ha. i only took a year of german as a freshman in highschool, so it was a no-go. he turned to the lady who was collecting the money and asked her to talk to me and she reluctantly gave me a second roll. goodness, merry christmas!

next micah wanted to go down the big slide with daddy, so flying down they came! he loved it! they did go on it last year as well and he remembered it! (of course we didn’t bring the camera as we were going ‘shopping’) we did make it to the bullring and we split up as andy was suppose to be buying my christmas present (which he didn’t in the end) and he also said to me that he couldn’t shop with me along! how rude =P

an hour and a half later, through the crowded mall, though it really wasn’t as crowded as i had expected, we met up, bought the last present (except for mine) and left. we were exhausted after all that and we had only been out maybe 3 hours in total!

well, thats about all for today! if i don’t get on before christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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