a bit of fun!

i finally got around to playing with photos today…its been so long but i had fun. hopefully i will/may be doing a bit more in the days to come! these photos are all from september, but they are my favourites! i was thinking of getting this printed onto a canvas..but i’m not sure. i haven’t actually ever gotten a canvas print, but have wanted one for a long time!!

micah noah storyboard copy

we had a wonderful stay home evening last night! first andy got home and i had fixed dinner, but wasn’t hungry myself, so i went upstairs and took a lovely bath while the boys ate their dinner. then noah and micah ‘found’ me and i eventually let them come in with me, after letting out tons of water 😉 i stayed in with them a for a bit, but they were getting wild and crazy so i got out! once they were out and jammies on (which takes ages ofcourse as they have to wrestle and roll around on the bed first) we went downstairs and played some card games. ok, tried to play some card games! first we tried ‘snap’ which was ok, but micah wasn’t always understanding and when we said snap and went to take our cards he would get upset ’cause we were taking his cards!! after SNAP micah and andy played hide and seek…while noah and i looked on (okay, i was reading a book..what’s new?!)

today we had a lazy morning that turned into an almost boring afternoon as we had to stick around to watch the beginning of the italy/ireland 6 nations rugby game. we eventually got out of the house and went to the waseley hills for a walk! it was super cold and a wee bit windy, but it was lovely to get out, get a little muddy and best of all, get some photos taken!! (i will post photos tomorrow…i want to play with them first =P ) then home to tea (dinner) and more rugby, this time watching england/wales! thankfully, both ireland and wales won their games today!! even though we live in england, we don’t necessarily cheer for england! usually the opposite if other british teams are involved!! he he =) andy wore his ireland cap with pride today!!

and now, all are in bed sleeping (andy included) and i am trying to get more photo ideas….


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

4 thoughts on “a bit of fun!”

  1. I love the photo layout. It would look gorgeous on canvas and would go beautifully with the colour scheme in your front room….go for it!!! 🙂
    Love Est xx

  2. That’s a great montage of photos. It’s so warm and inviting =)

    Random question (and I ask because you use a lot of UKisms in your writing) – do you have an English accent now?

  3. ha ha! i don’t think i necessarily have an english accent, though i use the words/phrases…but i definitley don’t sounds as ‘american’ as i once did! i have been asked on numerous occasions if i’m irish though, thanks to andy =) but people definitely notice my accent one way or another!
    its fun in places like subway, ordering a sandwich and asking for tomatoes and pickles =) i don’t like saying thoughs the english way!!

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