february half term

its been a great week, starting with last friday night.
friday was andy’s last day of school for a week. that night we celebrated chinese new year at ‘the emerald’ a chinese buffett. we took the boys with us, but i know now better 😉 it wasn’t too bad, but it was hard work. the food was delicious, there were atleast 10 of us and we spent about 2 hours there.
saturday was a kinda lazy day. becky came over for lunch, the boys played outside as the weather was mild and sunny. andy got to watch the rugby on the computer and becky and i went shopping, just food shopping, but still we were on our own!
sunday was a normal day really…
monday was the first day of the childrens club (kinda like VBS) and it went well. micah and noah didn’t sit very well but they are young. afterwards i went into birmigham with lois, jemima and lizzie to window shop and spend some time out. andy took the boys to down to the malverns to walk in the hills (of which pictures will soon come!) that night we had robert plant and his family over for dinner. robert is the one doing the childrens club.
tuesday childrens club went a little better with our boys. afterwards, lois, jemima, lizzie and becky came back to ours and babysat the boys, while we went out with jon and anthea to TGIFriday’s for a yummy lunch, then out to see ‘national treasure’ at the cinema! it was really good!! we then took a wee stroll along the canal and got a cup of hot chocolate/coffee/tea to warm us up!
wednesday micah was very good during childrens club and shiela actually took noah for a walk in the stroller and when she came back, he was asleep! we had a day at home, andy locked himself in his room so that he could do some school work. but then he came down with a cold =(
today childrens club was ok and afterwards we went to shiela’s for a picnic. it was suppose to be up at the lickey hills, but it was too cold today…so we had it on her lounge floor. it was nice and the boys and i stayed there till half 3, while andy had gone home just before 2. and now i need to make some dinner. i bought some tuna steaks, so we’ll see what i can find to do with them!
tomorrow is the last day of the prize giving and then i have my 24week midwife appointment. then i am off with becky and the girls for the day! whoo-hoo =) will tell you all more later! and i promise to post photos soon =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “february half term”

  1. Hope Andy is feeling better, had some nasty colds, fevers at school-hope he doesn’t get any worse. Sounds like you have had a very nice week!! You have wonderful friends! Love, Mom

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