easter break

as usual its been awhile since i’ve written! what’s new..
so easter sunday we left for a week in wales. between the snow flurries, it was a nice day and the journey was good. i *think* it took us 4ish hours, maybe a bit more to get to the west coast of wales in a little village called Llenbedr (a double l in welsh i think is like a ‘cl’ sound…) about a mile and a half off the main road, up a mountain (hillside) into like a valley, past 4 cattle grids and a stream and thousands of sheep, we found our cottage, Cilcychwyn:


micah and sarah enjoying their first morning together watching cartoons!
the cottage had a wonderful open fire place, so every morning and every evening we enjoyed a nice roaring fire! monday afternoon we went into Barmouth (picture to the left) which was 7 miles south on the coast.

tuesday we stayed in all day and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, watched pride and prejudice, read books and what not!

wednesday we went to harlech which is just 3 miles north, but we went up and over the mountain and it took a bit longer as andy had to keep getting out to open gates to let the car through! we had lunch at the pie shop then went into the castle. it was good fun and i even managed to climb up to the top!! the boys all climbed up the another bit to get to the very very top, but i thought i’d stay down below with sarah and let simon and esther do some climbing! that evening andy and i went out for a meal in porthmadog. the grapevine it was called…very nice though i ordered a cajun chicken meal that was way too spicy!! so i didn’t eat a huge amount!

thursday was a nice day so we went down the road to campsite/river walk where there is a nice waterfall. we had a picnic lunch then went for the walk. was nice but tiring 😉 pictures all to come! that night, simon and esther went out for their meal while we watched sarah!

friday we went back to porthmadog for a fish and chip lunch. the guys took the children to the park while esther and i did a wee bit of shopping. we then went to the festinnog railway, but didn’t take a trip on the train as it was a long journey and we weren’t prepared for that. but micah got a thomas flashlight and noah got some little thomas books…sarah even got a wooden train that was green and purple!

we had a nice meal that night, got all the children into bed and then enjoyed dessert and a last game of scrabble! so all in all, it was a lovely week. a wee bit wet, but we were able to get out and about, yet still relax and enjoy ourselves!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “easter break”

  1. I really applaud your ability to get around with two kids while in your last trimester. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time =)

  2. You guys live in such a beautiful place, if not a bit wet. 😉 But seriously, the pictures you post of the places you visit and of your surroundings are always so pretty. One of these days, Tom and I will get over there…. (we were planning a big UK trip just before I found out I was pregnant with Ben) … sigh…

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