baby 3 updates

i can’t believe that i have less than 2 months to go! that is a wee bit scary! i went of my 32 weeks midwife appointment and all is well though i was measuring a bit big. my fundal height they measured at 34 cm though the student midwife measured 33 and 1/2. but still both were slightly over what the charts said. so at the next visit, besides talking about a home delivery, if i still measure big, then i’ll be sent for another scan to make sure all is ok. the same thing happened with micah, measuring big (though the scan turned out that all was fine and normal) and then he ended up coming 3 weeks early =) so whether this might happen again i don’t know. i don’t think i’d mind all too much though!
so yes we are thinking about a home delivery. i am not 100% sure, but am thinking why not? with micah i had no drugs or anything and with noah i used gas and air although i didn’t see much help with that, i can still have that option with a homebirth… though i do still want a water birth too. which you can have at home as well…you just rent a birthing pool and set it up in your own home! sounds like an adventure anyway!! we’ll see =)
also the fetal heart rate was 145…my mom always asked for that information, so i don’t know if it indicates anything either way! my brother and his wife who are due i think may 20th or 22nd are having a boy…and andy’s sister is due may 25th doesn’t know what she is having..i have only seen a picture of her and her bump but she is carrying it lower than she did luke (who will be 3 this summer) so i’m thinking she’ll maybe have a girl. me (june 4th), i feel about the same as i did with micah and noah, atleast i mean to say i feel like i look the same. but my symptoms have been slightly different this time around. so? who knows!! i did have a dream that i had a girl and karen and a boy the night before us!


Author: ALM

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4 thoughts on “baby 3 updates”

  1. Glad to hear all is well! That would be so nice to have a baby at home. I wish I was able to have something like that it would be so relaxing to be in your own house but they don’t do c-sections at home so if we have a third it will be at the hospital again ; )
    Have you thought of names?

  2. I’m so excited for you! I think it’s great that you have left it as a surprise. I would also like to try a water birth, but they don’t offer that here – the OBGYN practices are quite traditional.

  3. I had a home birth with Jacob and would HIGHLY recommend it! It was wonderful esp the glass of champers and crawling into my own bed after it was all said and done 🙂 I’m happy to chat through pro’s and con’s! Email me

    Angela (autumn’s sister!)

  4. I was with Angela at both births and I would agree with her that a home birth was WAY better. Just make sure you have someone who can be in the house to look after the boys (if it’s night) or someone who can take them away if they are awake. Angela had me as an extra birth partner, just in case and Evan as a person to look after Abigail if she needed to go to our house…in the end she slept through it all!

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