a beautiful morning…

so i am sitting here…yes, i know, at the computer where i probably shouldn’t be. but as i sit here, it is a beautiful beautiful spring morning! its around 16 degrees c or 61 degrees f!! so its perfect =) we are all in our pj’s even though it is almost 10 o’clock, but we have been productive! i have hung out laundry that was washed yesterday and have hung out washing that i did this morning already AND the 3rd load is in the wash now!!! cha-ching! look at me =) atleast i have a little rest now from that as i have no more room on the clothes line!!

i should probably get dressed and go out as i need to go to the library with 2 over due books and we don’t have any bread for sandwiches…BUT it is too nice to spend the time on the bus and its money i don’t care to spend. so i think we might walk to the wee shops here buy bread and play at the park…i think that is more worthwhile!!

i am also wanting to work on an album design so to have a sample wedding album that people can view in person. its so hard though as we lost the majority of our photos due to our external hard drive failing. very sad. all the we have are the photos that we have blogged and or put on flickr. so that is a whole years worth plus =( but we’ve not gotten upset and just let it go…but shame!

i also failed to mention last week that i lost our car keys…yeah. andy had to purchase a new ignition barrell thingy and key, which we now have, but can’t figure out how to get the old one out completely. so at the moment we can start the car, but the steering wheel is locked so you can’t drive it!! ha ha. so we’ve been carless for a week now, always interesting!

i’ll add a few photos in a moment of the last few days, that are mainly just us playing with our new lense and trying to figure it out. we have a church to photograph this saturday and then a wedding july so we need to make sure we know exactly how best to use it.

edit: we just stayed at home, almost set the kitchen on fire while grilling sausages for lunch =) thankfully i remember my mom having a wee grease fire once and using baking soda!! so yea for me, i didn’t panic, shooed out the boys and got it under control! what fun!
(from monday)
micah and i were fighting the dandelion monsters =)
may goodness 075
may goodness 074
may goodness 066
(from today)
taking the laundry off the line
may goodness 087
not wanting to get dressed
may goodness 088
round and round and round
may goodness 095
may goodness 099
may goodness 100


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “a beautiful morning…”

  1. ok so now we know NOT to give you car keys or let you cook while you are here. Anything else we should know?!?!?! Love you, Mom

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