not too much

there isn’t really much going on at the moment…we are still enjoying beautiful weather, though it has cooled down, its still sunny =) monday we stayed home all day and i got the boys room cleaned out and vacuumed. we really need to get some more book shelves for them, they are overflowing with books! and we’ll have to think of moving them when the baby is out of the moses basket, around 3/4months. the baby will go in their room and the then maybe bunk beds for the boys in the bigger room? that is all micah talks about so we’ll see!!

i’m doing ok =) 37 weeks today! hard to believe, but i am definitely feeling it! not sleeping as well, although last night i was only up once so that was an improvement! i had been waking up around 5ish for the past 3 mornings, but not this morning either!! so yea for me. yesterday as the boys played out front on their bikes and i sat and attempted to do a bit of weeding. out little garden in a mess! i think i only did about a square foot if that so i guess we’ll let the boys out front again today and do some more! i can only reach so far while sitting down =)

we’ve also enjoyed getting to know the neighbors a bit more. warm weather brings everyone out and in good moods =) next door use to be a single man, but his girlfriend and her daughter (17) moved in over the winter. the GF likes to do gardening, so we chatted quite a bit out the back and micah enjoys it while she’s out as she talks to him too =) and another man across from us likes to stand outside his house sometimes to have a cigarette and others, just to stand and observe…enjoy the weather! so we chatted a bit about the goings on of the neighbors (the house next to him had been reposessed or something) and he also played ball with micah for a bit!

i am going to the baby show this weekend of which i cannot wait as i’ll without the boys!! yippee =) my friend becky is going with me so lots of free stuff and special offers. so it should be good! maybe some photos in a wee bit!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

5 thoughts on “not too much”

  1. I was just wondering about you after realizing you had only three weeks to go. I’ll be thinking about you all the time, so make sure you have a draft ready in your blog to let us know it’s time =)

  2. will do!! as i’m not like the others =) i don’t have a laptop to take with me;) and i can’t send in phone messages!!
    with noah i was barely in for 20 hours so you might not even miss me!!

  3. Oh I miss you ALL the time!!!! Love the sequencial Picture of Micah throwing – nice form – of course I don’t know where the ball ended up! Love U all, Mimi

  4. right to the fence…whether it actually made it that far, i can’t remember! but he is very good =) just need to work on his catching!

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