recent things…

saturday while i was at the baby show, andy took the boys to what was suppose to be a tolkien day (who wrote lord of the rings). [tolkien is from birmingham, where we live.] this was near to where andy works, but thankfully he said he didn’t run into any of his students! here are some people dressed up, though i think as vikings? and ofcourse if there is a train ride, the boys must ride it! but atleast andy got a good photo as they are both looking and smiling! fancy that! it was a wee bit bet this day, but not too bad!

micah tried his hand out at archery! loved it though wasn’t very good at it he told me as he is not a big boy like daddy…that is what he says about lots of things…”when i’m a big boy like daddy, i can do that!” his also favourite response to ‘micah, don’t do that’ is; “but i Love to do that”…whatever it is =) so silly.
here is micah playing some thomas games on the computer. he likes that a lot and for some of it, i don’t have to be sitting there with him, so that is nice for me too =)

today i have a very sore foot? a question mark b/c i have no idea why. its the outside of my right foot and sore enough that i am limping everywhere!! yuck. in good news, my brother’s wife is being induced tomorrow!!! so baby kilian alexander lane should be with us soon!!! and andy’s sister karen is due on sunday… and i’m still thinking its going to be a girl 😉 so we’ll see!! karen was almost 2 weeks late with luke, so that runs into my due date on the 4th….maybe we’ll have our babies on the same day! wouldn’t that be fun??


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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