a beautiful saturday

we went to weston-super-mare which is south of bristol, down the m5. just south of wales too (just under 2 hours drive). it was very nice but when we actually got to the beach, that you just drive up onto it, it was really misty. you couldn’t see the sea or past the next line of cars! you definitely needed to stay with your children. not that we had to worry as noah didn’t like the sand on his feet!! he started off with sandals on, but didn’t like the sand inbetween the toes so we tried taking them off and i held his hand and walked with him to where the ball was but he kept going back to the blanket. then we put his normal shoes on and he was fine! rolling in the sand, digging in the sand and everything else! micah loved every bit of it too!
finally around 3 the mist lifted and we could see the sea and walked down to it. it was actually really warm though muddy i think from recent flooding. neither of the boys wanted to go in it but enjoyed me splashing them while they threw seashells at me!
i am burnt as i forgot about lotion for myself, but got the boys done. though i think we did it too late on noah as his cheeks are pink too!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “a beautiful saturday”

  1. ohmygosh janelle–i cannot wait until baby mullan three come —-ahhhhhhhh

    sooo Alathea are your friends from Milligan right? i heard them on wrbs this am and they are coming to RVR this summer—-

    i miss u!


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