yep. i’m still here!

i love the waiting game! what fun =)

all is well…we had a quiet day yesterday, valerie is still recovering and i am feeling quite tired these days. imagine that! andy is busy with school reports to write which takes up a lot of time. last night valerie, the boys and i went down to redditch for dinner at the stocks. the boys played lots with jemima which was nice for me and valerie =)

noah is so funny! still not talking but i love when he goes to leave the room he waves to everyone he walks past! so cute!

i have a midwife appt in an hour, i have no idea what if anything will be done. i also have a hospital appt on monday which is the pre-planned post due date appt. i’ll update you all later!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

3 thoughts on “yep. i’m still here!”

  1. Yes Erin it is soo exciting, but I can’t seem to get anything accomplished and I keep staring at my cell phone wishing it to ring!! Let me know whAT THE MIDWIFE SAYS jANELLE. pRAYING FOR YOU AND THE WEE ONE.Love Mom

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