life with jonah, micah and noah

jonah, day 4 019
hello! so day 5 with my 3 boys. i am very thankful for valerie and glad that she is here to play with the boys, tidy up and cook dinner =) don’t know how i would cope without her! but we are doing well….i was a bit tired yesterday and a bit sore, but feeling better today. jonah is doing well though feeding doesn’t seem to be as easy as last time. once he is latched on, he’s fine but latching on can sometimes be a problem…
nights have been hard. from 10 till whenever he finally settles down and then we are ok. but its just figuring out what his schedule is. =) but still micah loves jonah. always checking in on him and wanting to hold his or our baby. noah is slowly coming around. this morning for the first time he held his hands out to hold jonah, which he did for about 20 seconds before pulling back. he doesn’t seem to be too jealous unless its time for his (noah’s) nap or if has hurt himself. so all is good.
andy is pretty stressed and tired with school work as they are being inspected again tomorrow and thursday so they have been planning away and marking all the books. plus they are to be doing their reports for end of year. not much fun…so he has been sleeping in the boys room so that jonah isn’t waking him up and if the boys wake up its minimal as he is right there! so hopefully soon we’ll get into a routine and back to some what normal =)
and ofcourse, i can’t post without putting up any photos right?
jonah, day 4 006 copy
jonah, day 4 005 copy
jonah, day 4 007 copy


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

5 thoughts on “life with jonah, micah and noah”

  1. Love the coccoon pics. Can you do one for me with the Bible verse ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’? I would like to frame it .Love, Mimi

  2. seriously… I can’t get over how adorable Jonah is and how gorgeous your pictures are. The boys are so cute too with Jonah in front of them.

  3. You take such beautiful pictures! 🙂 And I LOVE your mom’s idea!

    He’s so cute… and I just adore his name. 😉

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