a small recap with lots of photos

hello gang! sorry for not posting any updates, but i’m sure you all know how it is with babies and toddlers in the house!! we are all doing pretty well. noah has a slight fever/cold that could have possibly come from nana (who has since gone home) or from whatever. but he’s been sleepy and cuddly, so it hasn’t been too bad really. micah is fine and raring to go…wherever!

andy was super husband yesterday morning and took both boys to the morning meeting (church). usually its just micah we take as he is able to sit quietly and draw or observe. where as noah doesn’t quite understand the whole sitting still bit 😉 but he is only 2!! but andy took them both as noah really just wanted to go out in the pushchair so andy drove so far then walked the rest of the way with noah in the stroller. he just sat in it and fell asleep eventually during the meeting and micah was very good too! so thankful for little things =)

then noah slept again after lunch, not that he ate anything, but i took him upstairs into our bed so that i could sleep too! it was nice, then andy took micah up for a nap and noah woke and joined them and they all slept a wee bit too! then jonah woke up for a feed…but it was a nice afternoon.

i haven’t been taking so many photos these last few days, but i do have a few to show you all!

all the boys on my bed

noah taking a bigger interest in his baby brother

andy’s cousin rachel (and auntie ann) came for a visit

micah loving his new baby brother

micah took a photo of mommy and jonah

beautiful jonah

and cutie patootie noah!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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