had some fun this morning with the morning sunshine! i was actually still in my pj’s =)

we have finally had some proper summer weather yesterday and today! yesterday i went out with the boys for the first time on my own! i took the double buggy as it was just easier and i knew we’d be out long enough that noah would get tired. we went into the city center to primarily get jonah’s passport photos taken…it took awhile, but we finally got him with his head facing straight into the camera and arms down. though it took the use of a soother to pacify (he he) him and so in his photo he has puckered lips!! we went into GAP to visit a few a the girls who are still there that i worked with, then to Boots to return an outfit we had gotten and buy a few things. then to marks and spencers to get lunch! they have nice sandwiches and stuff =) then to mothercare to feed, change and use the toilet, then back to the bus and home! we got home around 1:30/2 and had left at 10, so not too bad!! jonah slept almost the whole time.

then today we went to the post office to send off the passport application. then to sainsbury’s for some bread and diapers. today we took our new (well, we bought it at christmas time but haven’t used it) stroller that is just for the new baby. he looks so lost in it, but its a great stroller as i can push with one hand! noah had his frog reigns on that micah held onto most the time and then i could hold his hand too. it went pretty well…so the boys got a treat when we got to sainsbury’s! mini doughnuts! yum =)

thankfully its a nice day so that the boys have mostly played outback this afternoon and even jonah slept in his stroller outback for a hour and a half! clothes dried quickly and i got 2 loads done so that was nice too! i just need to get it all folded and put away now! jonah is up to 9lbs 14oz (at 4weeks) and is doing well. still are times that i am feeding quite a bit, but then other times and at night time he goes the full 3 hours inbetween and longer in the night!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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