more from baltimore

still having a great time of course. sorry for not updating enough but this computer is slow and when i want to do stuff with my photos, it takes ages so…
anyway, noah had his tooth extracted today with ease. he was great and the dentists were prepared and they were in and out within 20 minutes! and noah even waved bye to the dentist when they left!!
lets see…thursday we went to the amish market then to silver spring mining company for a crab pretzel (yummy). took melissa to the airport then home with a storm brewing which caused melissa to have her flight canceled! she spent the night in a hotel and caught an early flight to NYC. friday hmm, i can’t remember what we did. i think just a bit of this and that. nothing special. jen came over for dinner and we had rita’s for dessert.
saturday we went up to lancaster area. to the outlets and the childrens store carter’s. i did some birthday and christmas shopping, tax-free! stephen flew in that night and all was good. sunday we went to forge road bible chapel and it was very nice. i saw some people i hadn’t really seen since high school, so that was fun! and there was a nursery for jonah during the morning meeting, then sunday school for the boys during the family meeting. i think we’ll be going back on sunday too =)
monday we went over to carroll county to where jo and philip were staying. it was great. lots of fun stuff for the big boys as well as the little boys! it was a long day but very good. phil and jo were dropped off today and they rented a car for there last few days until saturday when they fly home. tonight we went to a bbq at a friends house and micah played with their little boy luke who is also 3.
well enough for now, here are some more photos from memo’s birthday part!!

all my cousins on my moms side (and wifes’ and husband…ok, and partners)
cousins extended
cousin lydia
jeremy’s fam minus kilian who was sleeping
uncle lou and uncle pat, wondering what to do with noah
2 great uncles and noah
Queen Mums’ birthday
85 years
85 years
queen mum


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*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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