updates =)

sorry for the lack of posting…but my excuse is that i haven’t taken any photos b/c of a dead battery and i can’t find the charger 😉

but…our going to bed routine has worked a charm and we are loving the extra free time we have! the other night all boys, yes! all 3 boys were in bed by 8 o’clock!! by 9:30 andy asked what the time was and if it was our bed time yet?! we had so much time!

so jonah is usually down by 7:30, 8 at the latest. noah is very good and barely cries. if he does it is a totally fake cry! you can hear him humming away to himself. micah puts up a fight and does not like to go to bed at all. he’s the worst of the lot =) but we get the lights off and he stays in bed but he cries, sometimes sobbing and usually falls asleep midcry!

now staying in bed all night is a hit or miss. we still wake up with children in the bed. sometimes we don’t even wake up so we can’t put them back into bed…while other times we are just way too tired! so we’re working on that one =)

all are doing well. we’ve kinda starting homeschooling with micah. just 5 minutes a day, usually when noah is taking his nap and we work on counting and the alphebet, sometimes writing and a little math. thanks to thomas math is fun 😉

noah is signing please without us asking him too. we have 2 appointments coming up for him. a hearing test and then an appt with a speach and language lady. so we’ll see what happens!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “updates =)”

  1. Hi. Good to have you back on your blog. 🙂
    Glad all is going well with bedtime routine etc. Enjoy your free evenings!
    Love, Jo

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