jonah wighed in at….

So..jonah was weighed and hasn’t gained much at all. on the 2nd of september he was 13.1 and today he was 13.6! i wasn’t there for the weighing as i had my own appointment. my friend becky took jonah and they asked her if there were any feeding problems but there aren’t any. he is sleeping through the nights and only have 4 feeds during the day, all from me. so i don’t know! she wants us to come back in 2 weeks time.

which means that in the next 2 weeks between noah, me and jonah we have 5 dr/hosp/speech+language appointments! oh boy. becky took us today and will accompany us to the childrens hospital on thursday for a hearing test. then on friday i have an appt (which is a whole other story…mostly involving possible allergies or asthma?). monday noah goes to the speech and language specialist and i’ll be dropping jonah and micah off at hannah’s on the way. thursday i have another dr appt and then the following tuesday i’ll have to take jonah back to be weighed again!

yuck. but jonah is happy and healthy otherwise. he had 2 more shots today and calmed down quite quickly afterwards. he is sleeping 10-12hours at night and sleeping a wee bit between each feeding… like an hour or so. its great! he’s lovely and coo-ing away. loves to be standing =) and likes his big brothers!!



Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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