Out of the Loop

Sorry for no news recently. Out internet has stopped working at home, and we’re waiting for BT to come and fix it. So Janelle hasn’t been able to keep in touch with all our avid readers!!!!

I’m writing this from school, as I’m too exhausted to think about school work. We’ve just finished a day of inspection, which went well. I got observed teaching math, and they said it was good, so I’m pleased, even though the kids didn’t make as much progress as I expected.

So what’s the news …

After Jonah’s appointment, Noah had one the next day for a hearing test which he got through most of. He didn’t finish it as he wouldn’t let them put anything in his ears, so he has to go back at some point. Janelle is taking him today to see a speech and language specialist to see what can be done, if anything about his lack of speaking. They were happy with things and said we didn’t have to go back so that’s encouraging.

All the family are well, although I’m trying hard to fight off a cold that is flirting with me. Thankfully it hasn’t taken hold fully, so a bit more sleep should do the job – there hasn’t been much of that this last week.

For my english lesson today, I wanted a picture of a hero and a dragon, so asked my brother Stephen Mullan to sketch me out something to inspire the kids in writing their myths. I thought you’d like to see it.

Author: ALM

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One thought on “Out of the Loop”

  1. Good to hear you’re all mostly well. I keep meaning to call, but haven’t had much spare time recently. Glad the appointments and inspection went well.

    Speak soon

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