nothing much going on

oct 5 copy

not too much to talk about really. all is going well. we missed jonah’s appt to be weighed so will have to go next tuesday. we haven’t done anything really at all this week. have barely gotten out of the house!

oct 3 copy

we have had some nice sunny days though. monday we went to the park for a wee bit. and today we went to the store, but other then that…nothing!

oct 2

we’ve booked our ticket for half-term to go over to belfast. only there for 5 days barely but will be nice to see everyone! some time soon i’ll be doing an engagment session with our friend becky and peter. can’t wait for that to happen. possibly at the botanical gardens and/or stratford. should be lots of fun anyway!
oct 1
jonah has been waking up a bit in the nights recently. for 2 whole months he has been sleeping through but now has been waking around 3ish for a feed. not all the time, but some. last night was a horrible night for sleeping. jonah woke at 3 as i was finishing feeding him, micah woke up and came into our bed. i took him back to his but he cried off an on for literally 2 hours. andy actually got up and made him a sandwhich. and he still carried on. he just did not want to be on his own and wasn’t falling back asleep at all. andy spent some time with hime, but then i did as andy had to get up in a few short hours for work. will with micah carry-ing on, noah and eventually jonah woke up too. all 3 boys were awake and it was barely 5. so i was going back and forth between the 2 rooms and had to eventually feed jonah and when i finished i think micah and noah were finally back to sleep too.
it was terrible. so i got into my own bed nearer to 6 and slept off and on until 9 when the boys who were ofcourse by then awake *again* would not leave me in peace. so a very tired mommy and daddy today! thankfully it wasn’t the night before as andy had an interview at school on thursday. it was for the maths co-ordinator. a roll in which he has already been fulfilling but had to have a proper interview. he got it with flying colours and was even told that it was the best interview one of the heads had ever sat in for (in maths that is)!!! so *go* andy!! we so proud =)
oct 4
this is the cake i made last week that was oh so so delicious!!
oct 4_1
oct 5_1
oct 008
this photo is of micah watching *lord of the rings* it was the only movie that we have the had a guy shooting with a bow and arror and he is so interested in knowing how to carry it and shoot it! he doesn’t like us forwarding it when it gets to scary/goary bits but i know he’ll think its scary so i just do it anyway…he’s enjoyed it though, even though we have to answer thousands upon thousands of questions about what is happening and why, why, why?

Author: ALM

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2 thoughts on “nothing much going on”

  1. Congrats Andy!! Wish I were there to give that little pumpkin baby a hug and kiss. Who could look cuter than Noah with a bag on his head. Bows and arrows , oh boy hope that one doesn’t make it to the christmas list!!1

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