At the homestead

hello from belfast. we are having a nice time here in belfast. it is cold but the weathers been nice! sunny and dry =)

our trip over was fine…until we got to dublin and missed signs for the ring road and had to go straight through dublin during rush hour. a hour and a half later we got to the other side and onto the motorway. a long trip but we made it and all is well!

yesterday we just hung out with karen and luke at their house (and zach). then simon and esther and sarah came over too. nice and relaxing =)

today jo and i went shopping, then again over to karen’s for a book party. found some lovely new usborne books! bought some for the boys. we got to see some of andy’s cousins who have either lived in canada for 2 years or live in pennsylvania, so it’s been awhile since we have seen them!

the men of the family went out to play football today and came back with a few injuries! minor so far, but philip is off to the A&E to have his foot checked out. he might have a fractured metatarsal in his right foot =( poor boy!! )

so philip didn’t break any bones, he just had a bruised foot. so that was good. he even went to work on saturday at tesco’s so was on his feet for 4ish hours!

saturday afternoon, us siblings went out for a meal with only the 2 babies. micah, noah, luke and sarah stayed at nana’s and papa’s! that was nice. we went to a country club type restaurant and it was lovely! andy and i started with pumpkin soup which was delicious, though you couldn’t *really* taste the pumpkin as i guess we were thinking sweet pumpkin like in my pumpkin cheesecake/pumpkin choc chip cookies/pumpkin cake…and so on!

which by the way, i can’t wait to start baking and cooking all the pumpkin stuff and thanksgiving stuff. i think this year we are celebrating thanksgiving on the saturday which will be much easier for working ones and the students. now just have to figure out who to invite!!

monday thru thursday the boys and i didn’t really leave the house at all! monday was my birthday and i was told by andy not to make dinner for him and i, but to just make it for the boys… so that was fun and easy to do! when andy got home he said that we were going out for a meal and peter and becky were coming to babysit! it was their gift to us (dinner and babysitting!) so once i got jonah down around 7:45 and once micah let us leave =( we were off to nando’s!! yummy. we haven’t been in a very long time and it was delicious! then we walked next door to the movie theatre and didn’t see a movie (as they all finished just before midnight) but got some ben and jerry’s ice cream for dessert!!!! so a very yummy evening (i took a hiatus from my diet!!)

here are some photos from halloween. we had abook party at karen’s and some of the children dressed up for it. micah actually dressed up in his cowboy outfit and we got there and he saw luke’s outfit and he asked luke if he could try it on! so they swapped! noah didn’t want to partake in the fun and i forgot to take jonah’s doggy outfit. oh well! but sara stole the show in the ladybug outfit that i got 9 years ago when i was working at old navy! i wish that i had bought more outfits!

IMG_0020 copy
IMG_0015 copy
sarah joy
here are zach, jonah and aiden. zach is 2 weeks older and aiden is a day older then jonah!
3 babies in 3 weeks

wednesday night was bonfire night (Guy Fawkes Day). we didn’t go anywhere to see the fireworks but could hear them of course. thursday night our neighbours out back and over 1 had their fireworks display and it was so very loud and annoying. micah fell asleep anyway, but noah wasn’t going to sleep at all… thankfully tonight there is no one close by setting them off! so all asleep =)


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