i’ve just discovered…

the stateside candy company!! i am so excited =) i just ordered stovetop stuffing, a graham cracker pie crust, some candy corn, a hamburger helper mix… and so on! the only think i couldn’t find was libby’s pumpkin puree! oh well, atleast i know where i can get that! i am so excited!!! come on thanksgiving! this company also has loads of other things. candy, tea, crystal light, grape soda, mountain dew and rootbeer!! heaven really.

we are having thanksgiving on saturday and have 10 people coming!! i’m buy a huge turkey (they are all half price at the moment) and i have some others making the sweet potato souffle and the green bean casserole. and also making desserts. not sure what else i can give to others to make… very excited though for it.

in other news. the boys are totally not sleeping through the night. *any.one.of.them* jonah has the 2 bottom teeth showing and i believe 1 top tooth in the works. plus thes cold that the boys have too. so terrible nights. i am trying so hard not to feed jonah each and everytime that he is waking up but really? i don’t know what else to do. sometimes i can rock him back to sleep but a lot of the times, he wakes when i lay him back in the cot. and he cries and cries and cries.


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “i’ve just discovered…”

  1. Thanks Janelle for the tip! I've just ordered 3 packs of Kraft Stovetop stuffing (hoping it's the same as Alice Tate sent us with Philip & Joanne in the summer – delicious and so easy!)…
    Love your website, the pictures are great. Hope you all feel better very soon.

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