it’s almost christmas!! hooray =) i took noah and jonah to the doctors on friday. noah hasn’t ever gotten over his last cold and wednesday he just wasn’t himself. quite quiet and stayed in his stroller not really wanting to get out as usual. thursday he was the same and a bit warm and just wanted to lay on the couch with a blanket. that night i noticed a lump on his neck. so friday i called for an appointment. along with jonah who has gotten our coughs and splutters. so the doctor diagnosed a double ear infection in noah and single ear infection for jonah. so amoxicilan or whatever, here we are!
its our first ear infections hopefully the last!
jonah reaches 6 months yesterday so last week we started on some fruits! yummy. apples and banana so far. we tried a bit of carrots and parsnips and potato. i need to get some babyrice to mix with some of it though, i think! but going well! he gets so excited though when he sees the spoon! i’ll go on tuesday to get him weighed and measured for the official stuff!
he likes his toes too =)
oh and jonah can get himself out of his bumbo chair!! OMG, what is that all about? so now when i put him in i *have* to put the tray on!! he is a smiley baby though with his 2 bottom teeth! i have a few little video clips from my mobile that i need to download soon. speaking of which, micah and noah have taken over my mobile phones camera! noah especially loves to take photos, problem is that he doesn’t know how to go back to take another and he ends of sending photo messages to everyone! andy one day has like 8 messages!! expensive for me!! yikes!
german market 003

german market 004
this is the last week of work of andy for the year! love that sound =) he has a busy-ish week with the christmas party, a class trip to a buddhist center, a musicical afternoon and finally the nativity play that he wrote for his year 5. friday evening is our carol service at church as well. monday the 22nd we leave for belfast via ferry. hopefully the trip will be a bit better than last time! (we got stuck in dublin rush hour for like 2 hours!!) we will be in belfast for christmas and coming home new years day. should be a load of fun!!
ready to eatchristmas cookies


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

4 thoughts on “so…”

  1. Love the way Micah is eyeing those cookies! Wish I could get a hard copy of all the christmas photos. Can you put them on disk and send then to me ?

  2. Great photos. Hope everyone gets healthy really soon and that you have a great Christmas. I’m hoping we get to make Christmas cookies this week. Yours look good!

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