more and more snow!

oh my gosh! we are having such a blast in all this snow! its so awesome! the boys are loving it and really so are we! its not been a bother at all and so pretty really. it snowed originally on monday (see post below) tuesday schools were closed. wednesday back to school (and it snowed tuesday night in places-here is was beautiful huge snowflakes around midnight!)
thursday it snowed in the night and in the morning. schools were posting individually and andys school hadn’t said anything so he left to go and pick up katie and by the time he got to katie’s it was announced that it was closed. so he stayed at katie’s for a coffee then they tried to go to school to pick u some word as there is an inspection monday and tuesday. but they never made it and came back home. andy tried to find some sleds with no luck so when he got home he made the baby changing mats into sleds! we have 2 and we don’t use them anymore so why not? andy and micah went up to the lickey hills to sledge and ran into (not literally) some friends from church and they all shared sledges. noah, jonah and i stayed home nice and warm. after dinner micah, noah and i went out and played. we built a small snowman in the garden =)
friday it was back to school for andy. we played outside again and had a snowball fight with 2 older boys in the afternoon. was good fun. saturday was a shopping day and today?! it snowed again! about in inch or so on top of what was left, which was a good bit really so it was really nice!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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