nothing much

not much going on at the moment… we had a visit from auntie jo for a few days and the boys loved it! as did mommy and daddy! on friday we went to the botanical gardens and it was mostly a sunny day, though when the clouds covered the sun, it was chilly! we had fun playing frisbee and playing at the park. i had forgotten my camera so will wait on jo for some photos!
saturday morning andy went for a big cycle…just under 30 miles (i think!). i went to the shop and then came home to cook a big breakfast. josh came over as well for scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, fried soda bread and fried potato bread and of course big tall glasses of tropicana orange juice! only the best =) it was so so so good and so filling! andy and josh took micah and noah out to go trackting (putting chrisitian literature through the doors) and jo and i stayed home to have a peaceful hour or so (after washing the dishes!) jonah went down for a nap and i fell asleep on the couch while jo read but it didn’t last long as jonah’s nap was entirely too short. =)
the boys came back and after a wee rest for andy (he fell asleep on the couch) everyone minus me went off to the lickey hills to have a wee walk and play at the park there.
andy took the camera but the batteries soon died (like after 2 photos!!) ha ha.
one of the evenings the boys were singing as andy played the piano. it was hysterical! so finally some photos =) (actually it must have been friday night as the camera batteries still worked then….duh!)

deep and wide
deep and wide

watching with amusement
watching with amusement

sunday normal day was nice and relaxing. monday we went into town trying to go to the indoor markets, but didn’t make it as someone name micah DID NOT WANT TO WALK. ANY WHERE. it was not an enjoyable trip really. he whined every where we went. jo and i wanted to find some new yarn for crochetting… so we stopped at house of frasier as they have a haberdashery section. =) so we bought some some new yarn and cotton and i have already started a new baby blanket. so now i have 2 on the go!

here are some other photos from this last week:

a balloon!
a balloon!

would you like one?
would you like one?


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*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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