birthdays, month days and garden days

so friday was andy’s birthday (i’ll not state his age here…lol)
we had some friend over and i made stuffed manicotti (or stuffed canellonni). it was yummy. we also had carrot cake and cream cheese icing for dessert. very nice! micah wanted to buy the party hats =)

friday was also jonah’s month day! he is 9 months old! i mean, who can believe that?! 9 months…
9 months
9 months
he has 6 teeth now, he can climb the stairs and gets very frustrated when he can’t get to them and he loves playing with his brothers and with all the cars and the car garage. he also had taken to a stuffed snake?! he is a happy baby, smiles and giggles. he loves to swing at the park. he loves his bottles and his baby biscuits!

brotherly love<img
noah has a new love of mushrooms. he keeps stealing them off of our plates. micah won’t touch them so they were always something for just andy and i! not any more…


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “birthdays, month days and garden days”

  1. Why do I get so emotional when I see a friend’s baby getting bigger? I mean this should be a good thing right? Healthy, natural? But it makes me sad sometimes, just thinking how short a time we have with them as little people. Babies grow so quickly. I can’t believe how huge Luther is already. They change so much each month, don’t they?

    Your parties always look so fun. People piled around a table with the most wonderful food. They always look so warm and inviting. I hope someday I might get to be around that table with my family. 🙂 Happy Birthday Andy!

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