may half-term

last week andy had off for may half-term…(most british schools have a week off in each term.)  we started off with simon, esther and sarah over for the weekend. the boys loved having sarah here and really enjoyed playing with her.  saturday afternoon we went to canon hill park and it was a gorgeous day! nice and warm and it wasn’t too crowded.   the boys and sarah fed the ducks and geese, then we plopped down on the green (avoiding the duck poo as much as possible) and sarah and esther fell asleep in the lovely warm sunshine and andy, simon, micah and noah all played with various equipment…baseball and bat, football, tennis racket and tennis ball…. it was great fun! i played too though i was also watching jonah.  jonah just walked about chasing his own ball, picking it up, falling over it, throwing it and so on! he was pretty much self entertained!  when sarah and esther woke up we went to the park for a few minutes then left to get some ice cream! it was much appreciated by all!may09 036




sunday we had esther’s mom, dad, brother and sis-in-law over for dinner.  we had a lovely lasagne, if i do say so myself! we rearranged our back garden to try and make some shade. it kinda worked, but we had a fun time anyway! the boys and sarah played away all afternoon till nap time! all the kids had a nap =)

monday was a bank holiday and gorgeous to boot! though it looked a bit like rain and it was forcast, it was still really nice so we decided to go up north a wee bit to cannock chase.  to my knowlegde, its just a bit forrest with lots of trails and out-doorsy type stuff to do.  we went to where the visitor centre is and there was a nice playground and picnic areas.  so we picniced, played, then took a wee dander on the trails.  it rained a bit, but it was a nice very light rain that didn’t really affect us at all!may09 091

may09 108

may09 119

may09 100

tuesday was an off day…as in no day trips.  andy went into school for an hour and a half or so to practise with ‘the band’ for a little show during their summer fete.  then josh came over for lunch before he and andy went out cycling.  they cycled 20 miles…poor josh thought he was going to die! but i had promised them peach cobbler upon their return, and return they did!  i think really josh was really pleased with himself!

wednesday we just went out in the afternoon to the lickey hills for some fresh air. it was overcast but hadn’t rained so we thought we chance it.  we had a great time running through the woods, through the blue bells and trying to sneak up on the others. micah and i were together and andy had noah and was pushing jonah in the stroller.  it was a wee  bit muddy in places, but we had a blast!  we ended up at the park and the boys played for about 25 minutes before we headed home.  lots of fun!

thursday i had an afternoon to myself. i went into town and shopped…well, i walked around and looked in some shops, but didn’t really buy anything.  go me!   friday was out day trip to the beach!  what an awesome time! so awesome that i am going to make you wait until another time to post about it so that i have photos to go with it!!  sorry =)


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