our beach trip

so friday of half-term we went to barry in south wales.  it was a great, beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it!  we got down there about 2ish as we stopped for lunch at pizza hut =)  the beach we found was a rocky beach, but secluded and quiet!  we found some sand and as the tide went out we got more and more ‘beach’!


the boys enjoyed every moment of it! digging, swimming, running, building…  in the beginning we found some fantastic round rocks for bowling with! the sand was quite wet so that everytime you dug a hole it filled with water. 


this boat is from almost 3 years ago! and its not been used since =)  we bought it when at the beach after noah was born and micah did not like the sand or water!  it wasn’t really needed this year, but they did have fun in it.  it wasn’t any good for jonah b/c he just wanted to be in the water!


this is the moat or water source or something for the sand fort. can’t really call it a castle, but yea, it was fun!beach08



so while on the beach we had no mobiles or watches, so we had no clue as to the time.  but figured we’d just stay for as long as everyone was happy. when jonah woke up from his nap that he very reluctantly took, he ate not just one banana but 2!! so i went and told andy that we should probably start packing up as i knew that would take ages anyway.  so finally all packed up and in the car ready to go for some food, andy turned on the car and lo and behold it was 6:40!  we couldn’t believe it! it was still warm and sunny, the boys had still been in the water playing and everything!  so we went to mcdonalds for dinner and then made our way home!  we didn’t get home till 10, but it was a great trip and day out! we were all fast asleep before too long!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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