a nice day…

we are having a lovely day today! it was super sunny when we woke up, promising to be hot, but its gone a bit cloudy, but is still warm with a nice breeze! all windows are open, the back door is open and the boys are playing outside.  well, jonah is sleeping upstairs…  we’ve had some gorgeous weather lately, very hot and a bit humid yesterday. we had a picnic  with some folks from church and the boys were super sweaty afterwards.  saturday was warm but overcast, though we still managed some time up at the lickeys.   i’m very sorry that i have  not been very good with bringing my camera…will have to try better!  *BUT* here are some pics from the last week and this morning!

so if you are on facebook you might have seen last weekend my post about having a family of 8 come to stay 2 nights with us!  well, it was a bit manic at times, but not really.  it was good fun. they are a lovely american family who were here on holiday and to pass out some christian tracts at the rotary convention here in birmingham.  they are from oklahoma, though the mom is from here down in devon.  they have 5 girls and 1 boys, 18 years- 3 years!  it was nice to talk to fiona a bit about homeschooling as well.  the 2 older girls were talkative about what they like to do, i.e. photography, sewing, card making and baking.  so sweet!


here is jonah enjoying some pasta =)


breakfast in bed? not really…this is where the 1 boy jonathon slept. in our backroom in micah’s old bed.


my chocolate chip cookies that i made today…



noah and jonah playing somewhat together and nicely =)


jonah watching the washing machine spin!


friday we went to andys school for their summer fair.  once it stopped raining we were able to go outside…here’s micah taking his turn at trying to score again kitson, one of the teaching assistants.  he did score, even with kitson defending the goal with his back to micah! it was good fun though!


what is this little crowd of kids wanting to do?


soak the teacher!! and it was mr. mullan’s turn!  it was a hit =)  even micah joined in and got daddy right in the face with a wet sponge!!


here is andy just after! a little wet, but not too bad!


this is the football goal that the boys got from our neighbours after we watched their rabbit for them!


and this is what you do with it when some of the air has come out of it =)



Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “a nice day…”

  1. We really enjoyed our time with you all.
    The chocolate chip cookies look yummy! 😀
    Got home safely this evening. (Monday) It is so hot over here! In the 90’s! (fahrenheit)

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