a rainy day with sarah

the boys auntie jo and auntie esther came over for the weekend with cousin sarah! it was unfortunately a rainy day, though the kids did not notice! they had a blast playing together and micah especially wanted to paint! so painting we did!
home 015
sarah’s artwork:
home 016
noah’s art:
home 017
micah’s art:
home 019
and autie jo and autie esther worked on puzzles:
home 022

micah had a bout with croup on friday night thankfully it was only friday night and saturday and sat night, he was fine! all the boys have had a cough that they caught from andy but only micah’s developed into the barking croup cough. and he is the only one that has ever had it. he had it first 2 years ago i think…or maybe 3? i can’t remember but that time it was a A&E expedition as we didn’t know what to do and he was running a really high fever! so andy took him in the night to the childrens hospital. now we knew what to do and micah spent half the night asleep on the bathroom floor with the shower running for the steam and some ibprofen to open the swelling in the throat.

anyway, all is well now. we hope to spend some more time with jo, esther and sarah as they are spending the week with esther’s brother jon and his wife (anthea). they are the ones with the hot tub!! we may go to the sea life center and andy and i are also leaving the boys with them one day so we can go out for our anniversary, which is today. we thought while they are all over, we might as well take advantage of all the baby sitters!! and we’ll finally get to go and see harry potter!! yippee =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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