homeschooling has begun!

on monday we started our official homeschool year! micah in kindergarten and noah in some kind of preschool mode! noah is hard to place since we still don’t have many words….but we are trying! he is getting better at trying new sounds and so we are going through jolly phonics with him here and there. we’ve been working on his name as he can obviously say no and can say ah, but will not combine them!
we started with days of the week and going back through the first set of jolly phonics, s,a,t,n,i,p. we have a work book for micah from jolly phonics and then a normal school book to write in each day with the date and so on. he is not into writing much but doesn’t seem to mind repeating and ofcourse playing games.
on tuesday i found it a bit hard as i tried to work with noah a bit and micah was leaning over trying to answer or point out the right answer! oh well. i’m sure we’ll have some of that…
my friend posted this site, letter of the week where you have weekly themes (cow) a learning poster, colors/shapes (square), letters (a) and numbers (1). so i am going to try this out with noah, more for direction for me but i’m sure it’ll help him as well.
today was an off day as it was micah’s birthday (for another post), but we did talk about things that had 5 in it! i think as well that once andy is back at school (which is next week) i am definitely going to find it hard to do this whole homeschooling thing with jonah running about! i can’t keep him in another room and he is just into EVERYTHING!! and then in november with a new baby??? yikes! so hopefully we’ll be well into routine by then and all will be ok…right??
day 1
day 1
day 1


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One thought on “homeschooling has begun!”

  1. So glad you’re going to try Letter of the Week! Anna likes this first week of it so far. Her attention span is short so the small, simple lessons work well for her. I heard about it from a homeschooling friend years ago and am thrilled that I could pass it on to someone else.

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