so we are starting week 4? or is it week 5?

i’ve lost count already! but things are going well. somedays are obviously better than others in regards to school work, but we are getting through it all. we will be ordering soon a kindergarten program called ‘my father’s world’ yes we’ll starting it late, but never late than never eh? i just feel like i need a bit more planning wise and this will provide that!
in the phonics program jonah knows the letter ‘t’ and does the action to go along with it! noah does know a few of the first ones as well, s,a,t,n,d are the main ones. noah’s colouring has improved a lot! colouring in the lines and using more than one colour!
micah is doing good too. its still like pulling teeth some days but if we have a craft he loves it. and as much as he doesn’t like writing in his book? he loves showing if off to people who come over!
here are some recent photos:
micah’s pirate card for luke
noah doing some matching
micah teaching noah!


Author: ALM

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4 thoughts on “so we are starting week 4? or is it week 5?”

  1. This is also a wonderful homeschooling program… my mom used it with my brother for four years.

    My dad teaches at the Day School and it’s world renowned! Really great stuff. 🙂 I considered ordering the h/s box just as a supplement… but it’s a little pricey to get it “just for fun”. LOL.

    1. its almost all the money issues… my father’s world for kindergarten is just under $100. nice for our budget =) thanks though for the link. i have heard that from a few others too!

  2. Btw, the really neat thing about it is they invite homeschoolers, if they happen to come to Baltimore, to come visit “their” school… they get to get see the Day School and teachers… it’s pretty cool. 🙂

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